Learn More about Property Deed Discrimination at the “Racial Covenants Hackathon” on October 24!

The North Carolina Central University School of Information and Library Science (SLIS) is working with the Durham County Register of Deeds and DataWorks, a nonprofit data intermediary, to educate the public about the presence of racially restrictive land-use practices in the city’s historic property deeds. The Hacking into History project was selected last spring to receive grant funding as a […]

Reckoning with Racial Covenants in Durham

Join DataWorks, NCCU School of Library & Information Sciences, the Durham County Register of Deeds, Chapel Hill Attorney, Andrew Wagner, and Tia Hall of Yinsome Group LLC for this online workshop. As part of the Hacking Into History project, participants will learn about the history of racially-restrictive land use practices in Durham County. The workshop will include volunteer training to […]

Racial Restrictive Covenants and Wealth Inequity

An oft-stated adage in the United States goes something like, “home ownership, is a part of the American dream.” While this point of Americana can be debated, something more certain is that homeownership increases familial net worth and generational wealth overall.1 When a household owns a home, that property can serve as an asset which could be used to pay […]