Curriculum Kit for K-12 Classrooms

We are excited to share the newly launched Curriculum Kit, which contains pilot exercises, sample deeds, a slide deck and additional resources that K-12 educators can use for teaching students about racial covenant clauses in Durham.  Project team members may be able to assist educators; please reach out [email protected]  

Download the full Curriculum Kit here!

  • Classroom Exercises: These exercises can be mixed and matched, and are appropriate for use in K-12 Classrooms.  
  • Sample SlideDeck:  This slide deck can be modified as needed by teachers for use in their classroom.  
  • Student Reflections: Educators can create a Student Reflection survey using Google forms.  This link provides a sample used by a cohort fellow educator.

The Curriculum Kit was developed in 2021-2023 as part of the Civic Educators Fellowship Pilot, in partnership with Durham Public Schools and the Hacking into History Project.  Our project has been generously funded by the Civic Switchboard Institute and the City of Durham.